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Online Sudoku Solver Website
Online Sudoku Solver is an online solver for Sudoku grids. Fill in your grid partially or completely, click on "solve", the solver will provide the solution if it exists or the first results found if there are several possibilities. Solutionneur Sudoku
Téléportation idf Website
Website in french to help parisian to find a train/bus timetable.
Rechercher les horaires d'un métro, RER ou bus sur Paris et l'Ile de France en temps réel. Possibilité d'ajouter une station dans les favoris pour retrouver au plus vite les horaires.
Téléportation idf
CheckSite Application CheckSite is a lightweight application to test the availability of a website. The application can check sites through one or more test methods, for example the http return code, the md5 hash of a page, character string detection and so on...
Check methods are packaged into a plugin system, so it is possible to easily develop its own methods (Java language).
Fisy (you're there !) Application Fisy is a simple and lightweight application dedicated to copy and backup files. This application has been designed to perform simple or timestamped copies of directories and files as well as unidirectional synchronization of file tree. Fisy is in command line, you can so start copying tasks at any time or plug them on an automated processing.
Sine version 2.0, Fisy contains cipher features for encrypting data for storage in a remote service like the Cloud.
RotnSplit Application RotnSplit is an application for converting PDF files into most comfortable documents in order to be well read on your e-reader. For this, the application performs a sequence of actions and transformations to optimize the reading surface of the PDF (Cut pages, crop margins, landscape and DPI). RotnSplit
Prime I.T. Website
Prime I.T. is a website about prime numbers and their study through computer programs.
You will find the list of prime numbers up to 1 000 000 000 000 (1000 milliards) online, explanations and optimized implementations of the Sieve of Eratosthenes, the Sieve of Atkin, Trial division and Euclidean division (Java language).
Prime I.T.

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